The day after Christmas
angel choirs have retired
shepherds back to their flocks
new parents reeling
to grasp what happened
a child whom angels sing
poops his swaddling clothes

There will come harrowing days
more strange visits, flee from threats
a lifetime ahead
the world changes to see
—but in between history
countless quiet days
from child to man

How silently, how silently
the wondrous gift is given
unseen by most
unheard or unknown
feed a child, raise a boy
school a lad, train a youth
could be you, could be us

Day by day

So miracles welcomed in song
settle in as a long winter’s nap
few headlines, few rumors
silent nights and days
one life among others
there with you, there with us
the God who is here
Here with us—daily life
here with us—rest and toil
joy and sorrow, morn and evening
one of us, one of you
that is the reason
for all these days
not a season, but a lifetime
A life begins and ends in glory
continues far past the end—
in between triumphal bookends
here am I, here are you
unheard, most unknown
a life among others
here with us—God is here
Silent nights and days
are the reason—here with us
joy and sorrow for a lifetime
here with us—God with us
how silently arms about you
how silently day by day
countless days—here am I

With you

Season ends, miracle begins
here with us—for a lifetime
all these days, all your days
here with you

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