Far cloud sea

Soft sight caught on the road home
dark leaden midnight expanse
unexpected silver pearl light
dim glimmers, nebulous pools
host of lights in silent ballet
at their heart now see the silver pearl

this dance slow rolling
now like swells on the sea
I see now, steady flowing
but where water gives back
the pearl light, these swells
open windows beyond

a sea like the sea
over the far horizon
slow flowing velvet rolls
beckons as a mirror
of the deep sea of home
come and see, come and see

windows to the pearl
who sees both these seas
reaching here, afar there
embraces distance close to home
look to me, look beyond
come further up, further in

unpriceable pearl
radiant beams from your face
watching over the night
beyond all leaden dark
your sea opens, beyond all hope
there is a way through, silver windows

come with us, steady rolling
over far horizon
farther up, farther on
than your heart imagined
when the leaden expanse
might hold back all breathing

lift up your face
let it shine on us
your peace reaches home
not far from us at all
embrace and breathe home
through silver windows

we sail through, over the seas
nearer than we thought
silver light of home

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